Case study sessions:

From Monday to Thursday, from 16h30 to 18h30, several case study sessions will take place in parallel, allowing participants to choose among the several topics offered each day. Case study sessions will promote a greater interaction among participants by dividing them into small groups to discuss and propose solutions to case studies and technical problems proposed by the speakers.


Titles of classe study sessions:

Andrea Maranhão, Monday: Basic immunology I

Angela Moraes, Monday: Principles of tissue engineering and entrepreneurship applied for the design of cellularized repairing biomaterials

James Budge, Monday: Next generation cloning for rapid construction of vectors for recombinant molecule expression

Mariela Bollati, Monday: Generation of stable cell clones using high speed cell sorting

Andrea Maranhão, Tuesday: Basic immunology II

Diego Allonso, Tuesday Basic academic research and generation of value: utopia or reality?

Elisabeth Augusto, Tuesday: Modelling animal cell processes

Mariela Bollati, Tuesday: What does flow cytometry provide to study growth, metabolism, productivity and cell death?

Aldo Tonso, Wednesday: Monitoring cell respiration rate

Alvio Figueiredo, Wednesday: Upstream process development - a case study

Andrea Maranhão, Wednesday: Basic immunology III

Daniel Ribeiro, Wednesday: Bioprocess simulation and economic analysis

Alexander Nikolay, Thursday: Viral vaccine production in animal cell cultures

Diego Allonso, Thursday: Identifying opportunity windows in the biopharmaceutical area

Pablo Férnandez, Thursday: To be defined

Ricardo Medronho, Thursday: Cell retention in perfusion bioreactors