Online registration can be done using this link. The registration fee includes all lectures and case study sessions, school notes and coffee breaks. Only participants taking part of at least 80% of the event activities will receive a certificate.

The registration fee will depend on the type of institution and date of payment, as follows:


Status                                                            Date of payment

Until June 25, 2019

From June 26, 2019 on

Undergraduate and M.Sc. students (upon proof of student status)

BRL 100.00

BRL 180.00

Members of academic institutions and public laboratories, post-docs and Ph.D. students (the latter two upon proof of post-doc or student status)

BRL 200.00

BRL 300.00

Members of companies, non-academic institutions and production centres

BRL 2300.00

BRL 2700.00

Two-day pass for non-academic participants

BRL 1000.00

BRL 1500.00


PS1: Those paying by bank transfer need to send their proof of payment by email to lecc@peq.coppe.ufrj.br .

PS2: Presentation of proof of student (or post-doc) status will be required upon check-in in the event.


Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation, registrations for the whole event of members of companies, non-academic institutions and production centres (BRL 2300 until June 25 and BRL 2700 after this date) will be eligible for refund of 90% of the value paid or for one free change of the name of participant. To request cancellation, send an email stating your intent to cancel to lecc@peq.coppe.ufrj.br . All other types of registration (two-day pass and discounted fees for academic participants and members of public laboratories) are not eligible for any refund or change of participant.




Registrations will be open until August 2 at http://coppeteccongressos.org.br/congresso/8th-international-school-production-biologicals?language=en, but lower fees apply to those registering until June 25, according to the table above.

The payment can be done either by credit card or bank deposit/bank transfer. We strongly suggest credit card payment. Those choosing to pay by bank deposit need necessarily to send the proof of deposit (comprovante de depósito) to lecc@peq.coppe.ufrj.br, and the registration will just be considered confirmed after we send an email to the participant confirming the receipt of the proof of deposit (comprovante).

Students and post-docs must necessarily present their proof of status (university enrollment or official scholarship proof) on 1st day of event to receive badge and to have access to the event. The lack of a valid proof of status will make registration null or make it necessary to pay the difference to the value of a non-academic registration.