Projects and Exchange

The group develops institutional projects and also in conjunction with the industrial sector. Currently the group members take part in two PRONEX projects, a PADCT project, a FAPERJ thematic project, three projects supported by ANP and several individual projects supported by CNPq. 

Some of the recent works from the group are partially or completely sponsored by the following companies:

  • Braskem SA
  • CENPES / Petrobras
  • Nitriflex Resinas SA
  • OPP Química SA
  • Polibrasil Resinas SA

It is also part of the group’s philosophy to keep permanent contact with other research institutions in Brazil and abroad. In such case, the scientific collaborations are especially favored by sandwich PhD projects. Some cases of recent collaboration include: 

  • CNIC (Cuba);
  • GKSS (Germany);
  • Leeds University (England);
  • Universidad del Pais Vasco (Spain)
  • Université de Lyon (France);
  • University of British Columbia (Canada);
  • University of Waterloo (Canada);
  • University of Wisconsin (USA).