One of the strongest characteristics of the researches carried out at PEQ is the association with the solution of relevant technological problems related to the Brazilian industrial park. Such feature has been encouraging the increasing number of patent applications, both in Brazil and abroad. The program, through its technicians and faculty members, currently possesses 25 patents, 10 of which were deposited in the past two years. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Program’s research centers have been generating opportunities for the establishment of high technological content companies, such as PAM Membranas (which produces fluid separation systems), chosen as the best technological company of 2007. Other company initiative directly derived from the knowledge generated by PEQ is EngeneTech (which produces enzymatic kits). 

In case your company or factory has a technological problem and needs a solution, the Chemical Engineering Program (PEQ) at COPPE can help you. PEQ maintains cooperative exchange and consulting projects with several companies and factories in the chemical and petrochemical area. The projects are established through the COPPETEC Foundation, which is a non-profit foundation under private law which promotes and facilitates the interaction between UFRJ, the productive sector and society as a whole.

Get in contact with the Program’s secretary’s office (through e-mail, phone or fax), specifying your problem, the available data, and telling us how to get in touch with you.

PEQ’s secretary’s office will forward your problem to the professor of the concerning area. If the solution found is a simple one, it will be redirected by the professor in charge, without any financial onus. Otherwise, the professor will prepare a project for your evaluation.

It is important to remember that PEQ/COPPE is a Technology Research and Development institution, giving you the free choice of the projects which in fact will be accepted and implemented and, if necessary, we will present some alternative ways. More information about the fields of study of PEQ/COPPE can be found at the Research Fields section.

PEQ/COPPE would like to thank you for your message and for the opportunity to interact with you!